Mark Ramsey serving as one 535 US Electoral College Members in December 2020. 

Mark S. Ramsey, P.E.

“Instructor Mark Ramsey was very knowledgable of all course material and was able to describe and breakdown all material to make it easily understandable.  Really enjoyed class.” (I.B. – Well Construction – Houston March 2012)

“I am fast track A.D. & the course was explained in a way that I was able to grasp & fully appreciated it.”  (K.M. – Well Construction – Houston – March 2012)

“Very good course, recommend attendance for drilling supervisors.” (B.C. – Well Construction – Houston March 2012)

“One of the better classes I have attended.  Instructor was very qualified and cared about teaching.” (S.B. – Well Construction – Houston March 2012)

“…quality course.  I would recommend this course & Drilling Practices [be] taught by Mark Ramsey. (C.L. – Well Construction – Houston March 2012)

“Best course I have ever taken, seriously!” (K.I. Drilling Technology and Practices – Galveston/Houston Oct. 2011)

“This is one of best courses I have been on, interesting content thoughout & a very enthusiastic leader.” (S.D. Drilling Technology and Practices – Galveston/Houston Oct. 2011)

“Excellent.  Great. Great technology to teach!  Very Good Course.”  (F.S.- Drilling Practices, Macaé, Brasil Sept 2011)

“[Instructor is] excellent.  This is one of the best courses that I have ever taken. Congratulations.”  (D.G. – Drilling Practices, Macaé, Brasil Sept 2011)

“Improved my knowledge and understanding of drilling.  Instructor is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic”  (A.M.P.V. – Drilling Practices, Macaé, Brasil Sept. 2011)

“Mark Ramsey is an excellent instructor and understood and taught the course at an in-depth level.”(G.T. – Well Construction – March 2011)

“Good Course.  Lot learned & good refresher.” (A.H. – Well Construction – March 2011)

“Good Course.  Enjoyed the indepth look on some of the subjects.” (P.B. – Well Construction – March 2011)

“Good Course.”  (H.E. – Well Construction – March 2011)

“OUTSTANDING INSTRUCTOR!!!” (C.C. – Well Construction – March 2011)

“The quick and easy onsite parameter checks will surely be benficial when applying these to my operation.  Good discussion between the class, different experiences, locations, and problems.”  (C.J. – PDS – Houston – 2006)

“Theoretical matters regarding drilling are constantly related to practical aspects.  Plenty [of] ideas were given to improve drilling operations.”  (A.D. – PDS – Houston – 2006)

“It was just right — emphasis was placed on areas that are ‘practical’. ” (anon. – PDS – Houston – 2006)

“Examples, Experience anecdotes” [are what I liked most] (G.R. – PDS – Houston – 2006)

“I think emphasis was placed on the right practical subjects and aspects.”  (E.A. – Practical Drilling Skills – Houston – 2006)

“For me the pace was about right.  Subjects were given adequate time.  Mark kept us moving, breaks were as needed but not excessive as in some classes.  You leave feeling it was a good learning experience.  This was really one of the best courses I have attended.  I was apprehensive of cost and time invested, but my expectations were completely met.  Day 1 & Day 2 were excellently tailored to my needs.  I learned and understood terminology that I have heard for years and not fully understood.  (D.M. Basic Drilling Technology – Denver 2005)

“Very pleased with course content.” (anonymous – BDT Denver – 2005)

“Thank you very much!  This was a great course.”  (D.P. Basic Drilling Technology – Denver 2005)

“Day 2 was great for me.  I thought Mark did an excellent job overall.”  (M.B. Basic Drilling Technology – Denver 2005)

“All material well covered.  Videos were great. (M.T. – Basic Drilling Technology – Denver 2005)

Hello Mark Thank you for your extraordinaryspecially your enthusiasm in teaching. By the way, I have learned from you the best way to explain seismic to non-specialists.” (B.F. – Geophysicist (Ph.D.) – Basic Drilling Technology – London – Sept 2004)

Much better information presented.  Great job on Tech Limits Workshop.”  (J. L. – Mud Engr. – VIP Workshop)

[This workshop was] “very good.  Everyone was very professional.  Facilities and food were first class.  All workshops should be run this well.”  (M. U. – VIP Workshop participant, Mississippi, Sept 2003)

[This workshop] “went very well – best one that I have attended!!  Very well done & informative!!”  (D.K. – HSE Advisor – VIP Workshop participant, Mississippi, Sept 2003)

[This workshop was] “better than usual.  Had a good time.”  (Anon. – VIP Workshop participant, Mississippi, Sept 2003)

“This was a good workshop & a lot of information shared.  Well done.” (S.M. – VIP Workshop participant, Mississippi, Sept 2003)

“First one” – R.Y. – Cementer – VIP Workshop

“Good technical explanations of everyday operations occurring at the rigsite.” (Practical Drilling Skills attendee – London – Sept. 2002)

“The theoretical procedures were complimented by the practical application and the obvious experience of the instructor.  I was also impressed by the non-mathematical emphasis…” (Samantha R. – London – 1998)

“All of it was useful” (- Engineer – London – 1998).

“Thank you Mark.  I have enjoyed your class.” (T. S. – Manager of Drilling Group – Japan 1998)

“Good regarding communication.  Thank you very much.” (Masauki I. – Researcher – Japan 1998)

“Very good.  Teacher taught us skillfully.  Thank you very much.  Appreciate good lessons!” (Tsuyoshi N. – Drilling Engineer – Japan 1998)

“The Best.  I really enjoyed.  The teacher was good.” (Tsuyoshi A. – Tool Pusher – Japan 1998)

“Totally great – the best.  Really interesting and relevant.  Great fun.” (Kris Y. – Logging Geologist – Scotland 1997)

“High Quality.  Easy to understand.   Philosophy of workshop is clear and systematic.  Thank you.”  (Yukio T. – Drilling Engineer – Japan 1998)

“Excellent.  I have been wanted to learn about these things.” (Satoshi K. – Japan 1998)

“Thank you for your nice lecture.” (Masaki I. – Japan 1998)

“The Best.  Interesting from Start to Finish.” (Bob H. – Junior Toolpusher – Scotland 1997)

“Very worthwhile.  Very good presenter.”  Brian P. (6/98 England)

“Better than previous T.R.U.E. [training to reduce unscheduled events] school.”  D.S. (6/98 England)

“Excellent, well prepared.  Enjoyed the course, very informative.” Denis T. (6/98 England)

“Excellent.  It balanced the amount of technical information with fun.”   Pat M.  (6/98 England)

“Excellent [training to reduce unscheduled events] school – good atmosphere.   Presented with enthusiasm.  Mark Ramsey is an excellent instructor who communicates the principles and information well.”  Mark H.  (6/98 England)

“Excellent Course.”  Mal D.  (Feb. 97 England)

“A good all around course which was very enjoyable.”  Kenneth M.   (Feb. 97 England)

“An excellent vehicle for promoting communication ahead of the operation.”   John A.  (Feb 97 England)

“This was a vast improvement to my last T.R.U.E. [training to reduce unscheduled events] course.  Was more interesting therefore more enjoyable.  Good course, good instructor.”  Steve L.  (Toolpusher, Feb 98 S. England)

“Greatly improved my knowledge.”  Mike M. (Roughneck, Feb 98 S. England)

“Was very informative, interisting, & enjoyable.”  (David K. – Roustabout, Feb 98 S. England)

“This workshop was very professional, interesting, informative…because of instructores and format of course.  I look forward to the next one.”  (Andy P. – Roustabout, Feb 98 S. England)

“This workshop was the best.”  (Bryan H. – Area Authority, Feb 98 S. England)

“Superb.”  (Adam R. – SDE, Feb 98 S. England)

“most useful…hydraulics, stuck pipe, lost returns, solids control equipment.   Excellent handling of visual aids.”  (London, 1996)

“All really excellent [hole cleaning, pore pressure, casing seat hunt, ROP as a function of plastic viscosity and hydraulics, and stuck pipe avoidance and remedies].   Mark handled a very mixed class very well – and kept explaining the inter-relationships of the key factors very clearly.”  (London, 1996)

“Practicality – most of the major subjects I can take and use at the rig site next week!”  (London, 1996)

“Excellent training – very focused on our needs and targets the areas we have been emphasizing – communication, teamwork, alignment of goals, etc.”  (Ian L.   Drilling Manager, Netherlands 1994)

“You did a GREAT job!…They were a tough group.  Keep up the good work.”  (Julian C. – Supervisor – Houston, 1994)

“Thanks for doing such an excellent job at the TRUE training, the feedback I recieved was excellent…this should be especially satisfying to you guys as most of the Deutag crew had just been to the [major oil company] stuck pipe and they rated TRUE a much better school.”  (Ian L.  Drilling Manager, Netherlands, 1994)

“Looks like you did a grewat job on TRUE.  Thanks for the help — I like it when a job is well done.  We need you for a first line instructor!”  (Gary M., Houston, 1994)

“Very good product which 2will keep developing.”  (Ty C. – Operations Manager, Norway, 1994)

“I enjoyed the course and the handbook that was provided.”  (Michael G. – Mud Engineer, Norway 1994)

“Great course – value added.”  (Russ G. – Sr. Drilling Foreman – Norway 1994)

“Very useful.  I learned a lot about drilling and operations that will help with my working on the wolverine well.”  (Dan M. – Geologist, Canada 1995)

“The course was very good.  It was made interesting and fun.  The instructors were informative and knowledgeable.  When they did not know a specific answer, they responded as such.  I respect that.  Very good job.  Thank you.”  (Garry K. – Sales Engineer – Canada 1995)

“Excellent course – broke the ice with students quickly and kept it interesting.   First spud meeting I have ever enjoyed, and kept my attention throughout.”   (Mike S. – Engineer – Canada 1995)

“One of the best courses I have been to because of the group participation and the exercises that were done.”  (Brian D. – Directional Coordinator – Canada 1995)

“I believe this class should be conducted before every well…”  ( Rick N. – Mud Engineer, Canada 1995)

“Well organized and presented.”  (Gerald B. – Field Technician – Canada 1995)

“Had a great time and learned some valuable information.” (Greg M. – Derrick Man – Canada 1995)

“Good teamwork and open communication.  An excellent forum to kick off a well plan.”  (Dennis H. – Drilling Technologist, Canada 1995)

“Excellent team building class for each well (Basing and Wolverine).   Instructors presented unique well training plans for each well.”  (Fred M. – Drilling Foreman – Canada 1995)

“Excellent class for cross-training geoscientists.  Class should be required for all geoscientists on key wells.”  (David T. – Geophysicist, Canada 1995)

“Excellent course.”  (Paul C. – Geologist – Norway 1995)

“Great school…” (Ray P. – Geologist – Norway 1995)

“Useful and entertaining course.  Helped re-enforce and focus prior knowledge.”  (Ian P. – Data Engineer – Norway 1995)

“Mark and Tom are excellent motivational instructors.”  (Jim W. – Drilling Engineer – Norway 1995)

“Good teamwork training.  Excellent job by instructors.” (Jerry L. – Operations Supervisor – Norway 1995)

“This is the third and by far the best such course I have been on – congratulations!!!” (Steve R. – Mud Engineer – Norway 1995)

“What I thought in my own words was:  The TRUE project overview on the Kamskjell 1/3-8 was presented in a very good and professional manner, it gave me a better picture to what was going on with the well. 
I picked up a lot of new information on HPHT procedures.  The team work in clasz made it easy to solve problems.
Especially in the mud department if we can keep it like this I don’t see us having any problems.  You did ask how to keep costs low.  Work as a team, good planning, if you need equipment get it on the first available boat, keep equipment well maintained, have no stuck pipe, well control problems and losses and don’t rush in to the job, share the problem.
The course was very good, sorry it took so long to answer.” [SIC]  (John H. – Sr. Toolpusher – Norway 1996)

“I enjoyed very much this session which enables me to understand the driller’s language.” (Jean-Hector G. – Geologist – London 1995)

“Good communication and teamwork.”  (John M. – Mud Engineer – Norway 1995)

“A very well organized course.  Thank you.” (Soein W. – Mud Engineer – Norway 1995)

“Very good.  Better than [major oil company]’s” (Kenny M. – Directional Driller – NE England 1998)

“More friendly atmosphere, easy to talk to the whole group.  No pretense, no ego, everyone got the message that communication is vital, and I think that it has certainly improved my communication skills.  Thanks.”   (Tony W. – Logging Geologist – NE England 1998)

“Course worthwhile.  Keep up the good work.” (Shawn W. – Quality Assurance – NE England 1998)

“First class school.” (John K. – Assistant Driller – NE England 1998)

“Better than others.  Open atmosphere…great class” (Greg H. – Area/Rig Manager – NE England 1998)

“Higher overall quality.  Superior qualities of course leader…very good.” (Gordon W. – Norway – 1999)

“Second to None!” (Robert W. – Engineer – Lafayette, Louisiana 1997)

“Excellent.  It deals with communication.   I think this is very important whether you are on the rig or in the office.” (Thomas P. – Marketing Representative – Lafayette, Louisiana 1997)

“Very informative.  Well taught.” (Jerry A. – Floorhand – Lafayette, Louisiana 1997)

“Mr. Ramsey was very easy to understand and kept the class interesting.” (Robert W. – Driller – Lafayette, Louisiana 1997)

“Better crowd participation and discussion.” (Timothy F. – Anadrill Engineer – Lafayette, Louisiana 1997)

“…very interesting and successful.” (Joey W. – Tour pusher – Maturin, Venezuela 1998)

“Good participation and enthusiasm in course.   [due to ] Intructors presentation and attitudes.” (Greg W. – Mud Engineer – Maturin, Venezuela 1998)

Excelente.” (Hestor R. – Supervisor – Maturin, Venezuela 1998)

Comparado con otros seminarios es de buena calidad.” (Alexis S. – Ingeniero – Maturin, Venezuela 1998)

Muy Bueno.” (Jesus M. – Superintendant – Maturin, Venezuela 1998)

Muy eficenite de muy Buena calidad buenos intructores.” (Pedro R. – Encuellador – Maturin, Venezuela 1998)

“El seminario estuvo a la altura con otros seminario.” (Domingo M. – Perforador – Maturin, Venezuela 1998)

“The best I have every attended.” (Khaled M. – Sharjah, UAE 1998)

“Much better [than others].  Excellent communication” (Fargham K. – Service Technician – Sharjah, UAE 1998)

“Superior” (David T. – Drilling Engineer – Sharjah, UAE 1998)

“Great course, great personalities.   Informative and fun.” (Amer D. – Coiled Tubing Operator – Sharjah, UAE 1998)

“The course contents, the speakers, and the atmosphere were excellent.” (Mohamed H. – District Manager – Sharjah, UAE 1998)

“This was my first contact with drilling technology and everything was useful.” (Darius Z. – Geophysicist – London, 1999)

“The quality was high on this workshop.   Everyone participated very well, many good inputs.” (Kjetil B. – Data Operator – Norway 1999)

“Excellent.  Workshops like this creates a “ownership” of the project, thus increases the team and personal engagement.   It also creates ONE team (offshore/onshore).” (Henning B. – Project Coordinator – Norway 1999)

“Always a joy with TRUE training class when Mark Ramsey conducts them.”  (Jon M. – Drilling Engineer – Norway 1999)

“Higher overall quality. [due to] superior qualities of course leader.” (Gordon W. – Mud Engineer – Norway 1999)

“Really applicable methods…” ( – Engineer – London 1998)

“Everything was interesting.” ( – Engineer – London, 1998)

“Good Instructor…made a comfortable atmosphere in the class room.” (Geir L. – Norway 1996)

“Very impressed with the quality of class participation.  Good student involvement.  Looking fwd to working with this group.” (Ken A. – Drilling Engineer – Norway 1996)

“Thoroughly enjoyed this course and friendly atmosphere created from day one.” (Jim O. – Norway 1996)

“The best productive and fun days so far this year!   Thanks!” (James T. – Norway 1996)

“Classes were made more interesting by the energy of the instructor…Most interesting class I have been on.” (Marc B. – Norway 1996)

“Well run course by Mark Ramsey” (R.M.D. – O.I.M.- Scotland, 1997)


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